How To Boost WordPress Video SEO in 2024

How To Boost WordPress Video SEO in 2024, Do you want to improve your WordPress video SEO in order to make your video more visible in search engine results, get more visitors to your website, and boost income and sales?

For small businesses, WordPress SEO optimization is crucial since videos are not the only exception. Because there are many searches for videos, it is crucial for your business to understand how to optimize videos for your website.

What Is Video SEO?

Similar to SEO for websites, video SEO uses SEO best practices to enhance your media so that it will be listed on search engine results pages (SERPs).

More people will be able to find your information if you rank well in SERPs for relevant keywords, increasing your chances of gaining new customers or followers.

While video SEO is similar to traditional SEO, one of the key distinctions is how WordPress video SEO indexes your video.

Search engines “crawl” your website in order to index web-based information, which simply means that they look for metadata, keywords, and other signals that let them know what kind of content it is and how it should be rated. However, for the time being at least, search engines are unable to see and index video content.

To put it another way, there are some WordPress videos SEO best practices that you should be sure to keep in mind in addition to the standard SEO techniques to make sure that search engines can properly index your video content.

How To Boost WordPress Video SEO in 2024?

In this article we’ll discuss the top WordPress YouTube SEO plugins as well as tips to make sure your videos are being ranked well and that you’re optimizing your video’s conversion video seo in 2024.

Best Video Optimization Tools In 2024

One of the most simple and crucial methods of making sure your WordPress video SEO is perfect is by making use of the WordPress video plugin, along with SEO tools to optimize.


Only by monitoring your YouTube videos in Google Analytics will you be able to see whether the effort you have put into creating content and enhancing the SEO of your WordPress videos has had any effect.

The good news is that you can do this without using any sophisticated video SEO software!

It’s now much simpler than ever to determine which of your video clips are attracting visitors and garnering attention through your reports on the success of your media thanks to MonsterInsights Media Addon.

Additionally, it will be simple for you to identify the videos that might use an SEO boost. Use the most crucial information, such as the point at which your visitors stopped viewing, to enhance the SEO and content of your video.

The best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, MonsterInsights also tracks the embedded video content on your WordPress site and is the best video SEO plugin.

Smash Balloon’s YouTube Feed Pro

Smash Balloon’s YouTube Feed Pro is the answer if you currently host your video material on YouTube and want to integrate videos to your WordPress website.

With the help of this wonderful WordPress video upload plugin, you can quickly turn your YouTube video clips into gorgeous embedded displays for your WordPress website.

Create a WordPress video gallery of your own, or choose from a choice of themes and customization possibilities!

Additionally, YouTube Feed Pro may create as many feeds as you need and display your most recent uploaded videos in real time.

The Social Wall plugin is a tool you should be aware of if you use another social network in addition to YouTube and Smash Balloon.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

The most powerful WordPress SEO plugin on the market, AIOSEO includes a ton of brand-new capabilities that can optimize your entire website.

If you want to be sure you’re utilizing the best WordPress video SEO strategies, AIOSEO is a tool you should use if you want to make sure you’re following the finest SEO methods.

When we examine the most efficient ways to utilize it for WordPress video optimization, we’ll discuss more about AIOSEO. While you wait, here are a few characteristics that make AIOSEO a fantastic video WordPress plugin to utilize for SEO:

  • Sitemaps for Video SEO
  • TrueSEO on-page analysis
  • Rich snippet schema markup
  • Link Assistant
  • And much more!

Carefully Choose Your WordPress Video Hosting

Although it can seem like a no-brainer, it’s really quite important to consider! It’s simple to assume that the most apparent option for a platform for video SEO is YouTube. Although it is the finest platform for ranking videos, these factors must be taken into account:

What do your videos want to accomplish?

Using a site like YouTube is probably the appropriate choice if you want to build a social presence through your films and they are public.

What if you wanted to make your video material “gated content”—secured behind a membership to an email list or a payment form—instead? In this situation, WP media upload (HTML 5) and Vimeo could be more appropriate.

Another aspect to consider is what your videos will be ranked in the SERPs. If your objective is to increase visitors towards your website or online site, YouTube may be a good choice to get exposure. However, when you solely create your video on YouTube the entire traffic will be directed directly to YouTube and you are at risk of your audience not visiting your website at all.

To prevent this from happening be sure that you’re embedding the video onto your WordPress website. Your video will be displayed on YouTube but in this manner that when it is displayed in the tab for videos of the Google search and is indexed, it will likely be placed on the top of the list by your site and linked to your website, not the platform of a third party.

Here are several examples of YouTube’s search engine results pages (SERPs) for the query “How to add Google Analytics to WordPress.” The first output is a video that is immediately uploaded to YouTube, while the second is a MonsterInsights lesson.

The footage in MonsterInsights is also kept on YouTube. Visitors are instead sent to a blog post where the link is included. Your website traffic may be significantly impacted by this small element.

The best WordPress video player cannot be chosen in a one-size-fits-all manner. The element that best suits the requirements of your company is the most crucial.

Optimize Your Video Title and Metadata

You understand how crucial it is to create SEO-friendly titles and thoughtful descriptions for your blog posts. When you are optimizing your movies, you should unquestionably adhere to the same rules.

Be advised that the content of your video cannot be indexed by search engines. This implies that for your content to rank in search results, your summary, title, and any other information, including the meta description, are very crucial.

A engaging WordPress video header and enticing description will significantly increase clickthrough rates, which can boost your SEO.

It’s yet another way that MonsterInsights may be useful! Use WordPress’ Headline Analyzer to evaluate your films’ SEO titles and get recommendations for making them better.

Pro Tip: Videos that are entertaining, informative, or both will often perform better in search results for videos. Generally speaking, “How to Build a WordPress Theme” is preferable to “A WordPress Theme from Scratch.”

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